Only for the extraordinary, motivated, and, let's be honest - badass - female entrepreneurs looking for a support group to vent to, bounce ideas off, network with or deepen your business education.

  • Bad client? Tell us about it...
  • Minor business failure? That sucks...  
  • Comparing growth options?  Ask for input...



You are doing it all - figuring out how to get a business license, DIYing your website, and designing new products. And you probably have a lot more going on in your life than your business. You're extraordinary.



You LOVE your work. It's the first thing you wake up thinking about. You fall asleep thinking about it at night. Just kidding - you lie awake thinking about it.  You are committed to making your work WORK.



Whatever piece of awesome you've carved out in your industry, we think you're badass.  Designers, photographers, pet people, tattoo chicks, dancers, pole fitness instructors... Businesses aren't just for dudes in suits anymore. 

Running a Business Alone is Hard.

 If you're a female entrepreneur in a creative industry (hair salon, tattoo artist, designer, pet services, photographer, chef, etc) you recognize that sometimes that means breaking the rules of mainstream entrepreneurship.  

Welcome to your digital tribe - the Ladyboss Nation!

Sometimes you want a place to ask questions about running an effective business without some stuffy old guy in a suit sneering at the fact that your marketing question happens to be about a pole dance studio, a dog birthstone collar shop, a tattoo shop, or a unicorn-themed cupcake bakery.  


We speak your language.

 At the Ladyboss Nation, we are casual, cool, and don't mind the occasional curse word. But that doesn't mean we aren't all serious about our work, amiright?  

Connect, Vent, Ask, Learn.

 The Ladyboss Nation is the place for you to connect with other entrepreneurs who are badasses in their industry, who might need a colleague to bitch about bad customers or a graphic designer who will happily create a flyer for your rock concert without charging you an arm and a leg.  

It's free.

The Ladyboss Nation is free to join, free to participate, free to troll, free to leave.  BUT, if you want more, check out premium subscription options below...

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Liz London

Founder of The Ladyboss Nation, Author of The Business Bible for the Unconventional Entrepreneur, Certified Business Coach (UCI)

Hi! I'm Liz London - dog trainer dancer, serial entrepreneur, author, and small business mentor. For the first part of my professional life, I bounced between two passions: animals and dance. 

I know what it feels like to hit plateaus and slumps in business.

At one point in my first business, I set out to create a team of advisers, but I didn't like my options.  The three coaches I interviewed were older, stuffy men. (Not to sound gender-biased, it's just that in the South, there's still a lot of "darlin'" and "sweetheart" thrown around, even in business.)  They didn't know anything about my industry, and they were plenty condescending. 

That's why business coaching with me is different.

I want everyone to feel like their industry is taken seriously. I'll work with you through challenges and help you apply the core conventions of business to your industry, your brand, and your personality style. 


Article in Home Business Mag

coaching for side hustles


So, what does it take to truly run a successful side hustle? Simple: treat it like a real business. Take your hustle seriously and demand to be taken seriously."


Interview with Founder


"Building your own brand means defining for yourself what “professional” looks like and what approach you have to doing business. Just do it damned well." 

Article on She Owns It


11 Ways to Push Past a Business Plateau

Interview on Startup Growth


"I used to think I needed to feel like the biggest person in the room. But surrounding yourself with people who are smarter than you won’t make you feel inferior, I promise."

Review by Autumn Theodore


 "This is something that is sorely needed among small business owners like photographers and other creatives who may not know how to grow our business into a real living."  

Seminar for SFWM


 "Writers are creative by nature. Creatives dream big by nature. So it's important for writers to treat their business with manageability & accountability." 


The New Book from Liz London

"Every woman who owns a small business would benefit from reading this book. London's advice is direct, clever, and funny to boot." 

-Barbara Corcoran, ABC's Shark Tank


The Business Bible for the Unconventional Entrepreneur offers practical, applicable tips for starting or growing your small business of turning your passion into a paycheck. Whether you own a pet business, a tattoo shop, a pole dance studio, or a unicorn-themed cannabis bakery, this guide serves up serious business advice in a not-so-serious manner.

Founder of The Ladyboss Nation

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