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Hi. I'm Liz.

How are you supposed to level up your business to make more money when you can't afford the help you need to get there?

Small business owners of all walks of life can now access the information they need to help them run a damned good business, no matter what industry they're in.

I get it. I get you.

The courses in the Members' Academy cover topics and training that almost every ladyboss I've encountered struggles with at some point.

Every course is in layman's terms, easy to digest, and offers applicable, actionable homework to guide you in leveling up your business.

And each month, we'll have mini-group calls to make sure you are confident applying the training to your own unique business. There will be homework. There will be laughs. There will be memes. I'll see you in the Nation!

Serious business guidance offered in a not-so-serious manner

Brought to you by Liz London, author of The Business Bible for the Unconventional Entrepreneur

LIZ LONDON is the Founder of The Ladyboss Nation, an online network of female business owners in creative and alternative industries who learn and work together to grow their badass businesses. They offer free and affordable business coaching, training and digital marketing tools for women who seek to level up their small businesses by closing the gaps that come from starting a business from a passion rather than a business degree.

The Business Bible for the Unconventional Entrepreneur was released in August 2019 and can be purchased on Amazon in either Kindle or paperback format. 


What you'll get for $42/month :

Ladyboss SWAG: free and discounted merch to show off your Ladyboss status


Online learning modules in topics related to running your small business


Worksheets to practice comprehension and apply topics to your own unique business


#LADYBOSSCHALLENGES for fun encouragement to keep you pressing on with your growth


Live group chat twice/month with Liz London & up to 4 other ladybosses


Guest instructors in a variety of topics with practical, applicable tips to your work



"A way for me to close the gaps in my knowledge of running my dog training as a real business. I love my work, but sometimes I have no idea what I'm doing behind the scenes."

Join Now for $42:

2020 Coursework Schedule


Creating Financial Projections, Understanding Your Money Flow, Annual Goal-setting


    Branding + DIY Product Photography  with Autumn Theodore, commercial photographer    


     Bookkeeping Basics  with Victoria Kingyens 


     How to Stand Out from the Crowd: Speaking Confidently, Networking & Learning to Not Hate Small Talk with Christina Canters


Offline Marketing - Advertising That Doesn't Involve Social Media or Email Campaigns


Confident Pricing & Negotiating


Digital Marketing: SEO, Social Media Marketing, & Blogging


Create Your Lead Magnet/Funnel/Email Campaign from Start to Finish


LinkedIn: Find your people, tell your story, get the clients.


Time Management for Creative Scatterbrains


Continuing Education, Recharging, and Re-inspiring Your Passion


     Tracking,   Analytics, Marketing Evaluations to Understand where to better invest your money for next year!  

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Our courses are on a set schedule, so your join date determines which specific material you'll start with. Even if you start mid-month, you'll have access to all coursework for that month and moving forward.  

Cancel Anytime

If at any time you decide the Members' Academy is not for you, or you've completed a full year, you may cancel your membership.  Your membership access will end at the conclusion of the  month during which you request cancellation.

Refund Policy

We do not offer refunds for membership fees on months that have passed or have already started. You may cancel your membership at any time to prevent the next month's billing. 

Can I buy access to past months' topics?

Yes - email if you'd like to purchase access to coursework from past months. 

Free gifts for members

New Members' Mug


Every new member receives our "She believed she could, so she did" mug in rose gold metallic. 

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After completion of your first 3 months, you'll receive our planner pad for organizing your weekly business goals with easy tear-away pages.

Earn Your Big Girl Panties


After 6 months, you've earned your Big Girl Panties lapel pin.

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